In line with the ambitions of UN SDG7, our research on energy access aims to understand and foster the transition towards sustainable, low carbon energy systems in Kenya and the region. Our work goes beyond technical and financial aspects of the challenge to consider socio-cultural and political dimensions.

We also explore how to transform access to energy via deliberate policy and private-sector interventions. Broadly, our energy research contributes to the ongoing discourse on development and climate change.

Energy Projects

Electric Cooking in Urban Informal Settlements

Campaigns for adoption of cooking with electricity have mainly focused on high- and middle-income households. The realization that low-income households also need to be targeted in the transition to clean [...]

Kenya National Electric Cooking Strategy (KNeCS)

The transition to modern and clean cooking has been a global agenda, with different countries setting their targets for achieving the same. Kenya aims to achieve its clean cooking targets [...]

Energy Transitions in Informal Settlements in Kenya: A Political Economy Analysis

Informal settlements, which already face severe developmental challenges, are particularly vulnerable to impacts of climate change. Challenges of accessing reliable, affordable, and clean energy particularly exacerbate vulnerabilities that hamper resilience. [...]

Sustainability, Inclusivity and Governance of Mini-grids in Africa (SIGMA)

Although off-grid and decentralised solutions are expected to play a significant role and mini-grids are assumed to be a game changer for a rapid, cost-effective, pro-poor, universal electrification globally, the [...]

Integration of centralized and decentralized energy systems in Kenya: a political economy analysis

In sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya is considered one of the frontier countries in developing long-term electricity planning, locally known as Least Cost Power Development Plans (LCPDP). The LCPDP process, in the now [...]

Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS)

Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) is a five-year programme funded by UK Aid (DFID) which aims to spark a revolution through rapidly accelerating the transition from biomass to clean cooking […]