Harrison Kioko

Research Assistant

Harrison Kioko was a Research Assistant at the Nuvoni Centre for Innovation Research, which hosts the International Centre for Frugal Innovation – Kenya Hub. His research interests centre on Urban Informality, specifically water and sanitation, housing, waste and resilience; Urban Mobility, especially public transport systems, mobility for disadvantaged groups, health and mobility; Smart Cities, Innovation and Sustainability and Urban Agriculture, particularly feeding urban residents, and the rural–urban nexus. His research activities focus on innovation around practical outcomes that positively impact on people’s lives and contribute to societal development.

A spatial perspective and mapping of socio-economic activities anchor his research efforts. He believes knowing what is where is the only way of innovating through research to sustainably solve societal problems and contribute to the body of knowledge. Harrison has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science from Moi University and a Master of Arts degree in Urban and Regional Planning from University of Nairobi.

Projects at Nuvoni