Electric cooking in Kenya: an actor-network map and analysis of a nascent socio-technical innovation system

MECS Programme Working Paper

This paper provides a first attempt to map several characteristics of Kenya’s e-cooking socio-technical innovation system. The ‘map’ consists of visualisations of the actor-networks and actor-relations in the system along with elaborations on who the actors are, the extent and nature of their interactions, sketches of significant projects, and discussion of emerging issues relevant to the further development of the innovation system. It also includes some summary attention to the context and enabling environment of the e-cooking socio-technical innovation system.

Based on this characterisation, we conduct a sociotechnical innovation system analysis to determine the system’s strengths and weaknesses and, building on this analysis, derive several recommendations we argue the MECS Programme could implement to further
its aims more effectively.

Available at: https://mecs.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Byrne-et-al-2020-Kenya-ISM-MECS-format-200809-1.pdf

Author(s): Rob Byrne, Elsie Onsongo, Beryl Onjala, Victoria Chengo, Jacob Fodio Todd, David Ockwell and Joanes Atela


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